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Springing Into a Brighter Mood – My Brain’s Not Broken


I’m pretty sure I write this sort of post every year, and I love doing it. I write a lot of posts about the way weather impacts my mental health, and today’s post is a similar one. The days are starting to be a little longer, and the weather a little warmer. I feel like I’m shaking myself awake after a long hibernation, and I’m ready go out into the world again. That’s right everyone: winter is almost over and spring is coming fast!

Sometimes I wonder why I talk so much about the weather. I know it’s a popular topic to make small talk about, but I mention it more than I should. And the thing is, I’m not fascinated by the weather and I don’t enjoy making small talk. I note when the weather is good or bad because I know the impact that can have on people, and it’s something we often forget about.

It’s safe to say the weather impacts my mood and often, my mental health. But the more I become aware of this impact, the harder it is to ignore. My filtered thinking tends to think of this in a negative way (bad weather, bad mood), but there are positive aspects too.

There have been a few times this year when the weather has helped me turn my day around, or turned it around on its own. I do things I haven’t been able to do for months, like go for a long walk or sit outside on a patio or porch. Take in fresh air, and really feel it in my lungs.

These are the moments I love to have back this time of year. Moments where I’m reminded of the beauty of what’s around me, what’s available to me. Moments where I feel more in my body than I have in months, and I can feel like myself again. And it’s not to say these moments can’t happen any other time of the year; in fact, I know they do. But a feeling that’s better than the one you anticipated is a feeling worth remembering. And from what I can tell, it tends to happen more and more this time of year.

So I’m going to continue shaking myself free of the winter and getting ready for what’s to come. I know that not every day will be good; spring doesn’t cure my depression or anxiety, and I don’t expect it to this year. But it feels like an old friend is back in my life again and together, we’re going to have a lot of fun together. Bring on that warm weather, please!

"You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep spring from coming." - Pablo Neruda

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