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Mental Health Awareness Month 2023 – My Brain’s Not Broken


May is a special one on My Brain’s Not Broken – it’s Mental Health Awareness Month! Since 1949, May has been Mental Health Awareness Month in the United States. This is a month dedicated to sharing stories and resources to raise mental health awareness. Various mental health organizations have themes and focuses for Mental Health Awareness Month. To start this month off, I wanted to highlight a few campaigns to keep an eye on. Regardless of how you do it, I hope this is a great month for raising awareness and hope for many!

Look Around, Look Within

Mental Health America’s 2023 Mental Health Month campaign is focused on how surroundings impact mental health with the them Look Around, Look Within. MHA is calling for people to take some time to look around, look within, challenging people to examine the world and how it impacts our overall health. You can find a more complete toolkit here; it includes resources on making changes to improve mental well-being and how to seek help for mental health challenges.

More Than Enough

The National Alliance on Mental Illness’ theme for Mental Health Month 2023 is titled More Than Enough, spreading a message of hope and inclusion. From NAMI’s website:

During the 2023 MHAM, NAMI is launching the “More Than Enough” social media awareness campaign, uplifting and empowering the mental health community to feel that they are “more than enough.” We want to affirm the idea that people are inherently worthy of life, love and healing — no matter what they look like, no matter where they are in their journeys, no matter what they are or aren’t able to do.

National Alliance on Mental Illness

This month is a chance to amplify the message that we are more than enough. It’s a chance to have conversations and share resources with people who need them, while also calling for change in the way we approach mental health. You are more than enough. I am more than enough. And we always have been.

Anxiety & Depression Association of America

This year, the Anxiety & Depression Association is sharing knowledge around tools and resources for mental health. Using #ToolsForMentalHealth, ADAA wants to spread the word about the tools that have helped people’s mental health and how they can be accessible for everyone. You never know how your experience can help someone else; by sharing your own knowledge, you can help others grow their tools for mental health and wellness.

On My Brain’s Not Broken This Month

As I do every year during Mental Health Awareness Month, My Brain’s Not Broken is a space for raising awareness and sharing resources about mental health and getting the help we need. This month, be on the lookout for info, tips and resources that you can share about mental health and wellness. Changing our approach to mental health starts with shifting the narrative and shrinking the stigma. Wishing everyone who reads this the best during Mental Health Awareness Month!

Mental Health Awareness Month 2023 on My Brain's Not Broken!

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