Mark Felix Reveals 2023 World’s Strongest Man Will Be His Final Appearance at the Contest


After decades featuring at strongman’s premier contest, Felix will call it quits. But that doesn’t mean he’s entirely done.

Mark Felix began his World’s Strongest Man (WSM) career back in 2004, and slowly but surely chipped away. The established titan would attain his best career result in 2006 when he finished in fourth place. Now, after years of lifting Atlas Stones among the world’s best almost every spring, the 56-year-old Grenadian athlete will be focusing his strength and energy elsewhere moving forward.

On Feb. 19, 2023, Felix wrote an Instagram post where he revealed he would soon retire from WSM competition. Once the 2023 iteration of the contest is in the books after April — his 18th appearance over the past 19 years— Felix will no longer participate in the WSM. He joins the legendary Brian Shaw as the latest strongman veteran to announce their WSM retirement. Though, crucially, it won’t be the last anyone sees of Felix as a professional strongman overall.

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After clarifying that he would officially be on the 2023 WSM roster, Felix made sure to nip a few potential questions in the bud. The 2023 WSM might be his last, but he’ll still be quite active on other competitive circuits.

Why? Competing in strongman appears to be his passion.

“So incredibly excited to be a confirmed athlete for my 18th [World’s Strongest Man] show and the oldest strongman ever to compete at the WSM,” Felix wrote. “I have decided that this year will be my last time I compete at the [WSM] show, but I will continue to compete at [Giants Live] shows and [Official Strongman Games] shows. Strongman is in my blood, and I will hopefully be able to continue to compete for many many years to come.”

According to Strongman Archives, Felix debuted as a strongman during a sixth-place performance at the 2004 Britain’s Strongest Man (BSM) competition. His career highlights might be his prolific 17 berths at the WSM, along with four Finals appearances. One of his better Giants Live contest results was taking fifth place at the 2021 Arnold Strongman Classic UK (ASCUK). Meanwhile, in the Official Strongman Games (OSG), he is the defending champion in the Men’s Masters 50-plus category.

When it comes to international records, Felix recently set a World Record on the Wrecking Ball Hold at the 2022 WSM when he held up the titular implement for two minutes and 20.49 seconds.

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While Felix might be set to lift his last Fingal’s Fingers and pull his last vehicles in a WSM setting, the strongman community certainly hasn’t seen the last of this competitor. For someone who has been so active for so long, perhaps the opportunity to refocus will lead to improved performances in the years to come.

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