Jesus Olivares Demolishes a 465-Kilogram (1,025.1-Pound) Raw Squat PR


Olivares is well past the 1,000-pound barrier, and he continues to climb.

Jesus Olivares’s Instagram username is “mega.gojira” — a play on words of the Japanese term for “Godzilla,” the fictional nuclear reptilian monster that brings nothing but destruction in its wake. Considering what Olivares achieves in the gym and on sanctioned lifting platforms, he certainly picked a fitting personal nickname nodding to his incredible strength. His latest leg-power feat once again paints the picture of a powerlifter worthy of the title, “King of the Monsters.”

On Feb. 20, 2023, Olivares posted an Instagram video of himself finishing off a 465-kilogram (1,025.1-pound) raw back squat during a training session. The lift is a personal record (PR) for the usual 120-kilogram-plus powerlifter. Olivares wore wrist wraps, a lifting belt, and knee sleeves to help him attain a new personal high-water mark. He also had no less than six spotters surrounding the bar during the lift for safety.

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While it is his personal best, in competition or in training, this isn’t the first time Olivares has eclipsed the 1,000-pound raw squat barrier.

The athlete first achieved this noteworthy milestone in mid-September 2022 when he completed a raw squat of 455 kilograms (1,003 pounds). This followed Olivares squatting 450 kilograms (992 pounds) raw during a first-place performance in the 120-plus-kilogram weight class at the 2022 AMP Classic Open Nationals last spring.

Olivares’s latest squat PR is additionally notable for three main reasons.

For one, it comes as part of his preparation for the 2023 International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) Sheffield Powerlifting Championships. He will not be the only name-recognition athlete participating in the contest. For another reason, Olivares squatting 1,025.1 pounds puts him closer to Ray Williams’ All-Time Raw World Record of 490 kilograms (1,080.2 pounds) from the 2019 USA Powerlifting Arnold SBD Pro American.

Furthermore, should Olivares replicate this squat at the Sheffield Championships, he will tie Craig Foster for the third-heaviest raw squat of all time. Only fellow 120-kilogram-plus competitors Williams and Jezza Uepa (who squatted 470 kilograms/1,036.1 pounds at the 2017 Powerlifting America Brisbane Open) have ever lifted more.

While Olivares is still 44.2 kilograms away from the record, adding 10 kilograms (22.1 pounds) to his top mark in roughly half a year might be a sign he’s well on his way to reaching a hallowed destination.

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It’s evident Olivares, who is still in his mid-20s, is already turning himself into a household name. Moving up in the squat record books, and perhaps even eventually putting his name on top, would be quite the way to announce his presence as a bona fide superstar.

Featured image: @mega.gojira on Instagram

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